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The Melbourne Basketball Associations exists to promote and administer basketball competitions which will enable participants to play to the level of their ability. Competitions are conducted primarily at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre but where venues are available in other metropolitan areas efforts are made to utilize these when possible.


Competitions for adult males are conducted on Monday nights with 10 courts catering for grades A-J. The first game is scheduled to start at 5.50pm and the last at 10.00pm. Teams are scheduled to share as equally as possible each of six time spots, although requests for a team to have all games scheduled for the early, or late, games are considered favorably provided no other teams are unfairly disadvantaged. Teams that win their respective grade are automatically upgraded for the next season, while the lowest ranked teams at the end of the season will normally be downgraded.

The competitions conducted at MSAC are promoted primarily for "recreation" participation and although all teams are encouraged to compete to the best of their ability a "win at all cost" attitude is not supported. Individuals, or teams, displaying poor sportsmanship or poor conduct are advised that any repetition of unacceptable behavior will mean future entries may be rejected.
Competitions conducted on Wednesday nights at MSAC are for 'Mix' teams and are strictly for "recreation" level only. Playing rules are amended to limit the number of male players to a maximum of three on the court at a given time and other combination of males and females is permitted.
No player is allowed to score more than 10 points in a half until, or unless another player on the same team has scored 10 points and then increments if five points are allowed. The object of this rule is to ensure a "superior" player does not dominate the game and the theory that of a player is good enough to score 10 points in a half then that player should be good enough to help another player score 10 points. No male is permitted in the keyway, otherwise a violation shall be called by the game officials.  
There are six grades of 'Mix' competitions with the same promotion and relegation principles as for the male competitions.
Competitions are conducted during two seasons. The winter season commences around Easter time ending around the end of September and the summer season commences immediately after the end of the winter season and has a break of four weeks over the Christmas -new year period. No games are conducted on public holidays.
The Melbourne Basketball Association endorses representative teams playing in junior state championship and national competitions also youth teams and senior teams seeking to play at the highest level available.







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