Competition By-Laws

By Laws for the Melbourne Basketball Association Competitions

1. The competitions will be conducted for teams below Championship Division level.

2. Priority for entry into the MSAC competitions will be given to those teams resident in the South Melbourne, StKilda, area and neighboring municipalities.

3. Teams will be considered on the receipt of registration forms and payment of fees which shall include BV affiliation and insurance fee. When necessary, grading games will be conducted to determine the appropriate standard of the team. The winner of the competition will normally be automatically upgraded the following season and the lowest ranked team will normally be downgraded the following season. Adjustment to grading may take place up until the third round of a season.

4. An stadium admission fee together with a score-sheet fee shall be determined each season by the Melbourne Basketball Association. This fee shall be payable to the court supervisor prior to the commencement of the scheduled match.

5. In case of a walkover or disqualification, a fine of $50.00 shall be imposed on the offending team. Payment to be made prior to the team being eligible to continue in the competition. If more than one walkover is given then the team is liable to be replaced.

To be eligible to commence a game a team must have a minimum of four players. Each team is required to provide a score keeper and/or time keeper. One team may supply both a score keeper and time keeper if the opposing team does not supply either. However if neither team is able to provide a score keeper or timer then a fee of $10.00 per team will be applied in order to have a paid referee/scorekeeper appointed.


6. Players registered with one team may not transfer to another team in the same grade during the season without approval from the Melbourne Basketball Association Clearances are not permitted after the halfway mark of a season.

7. In order to be eligible for the finals a player must take part in at least five games during the season, however if a bye occurs after the payer has participated, or if the team receives a walkover after the player has participated, then these games shall also count toward eligibility.

8. The finals shall be conducted on a straight knockout system. Normally the top four teams will qualify for finals, but the number may vary from season to season subject to the number of teams admitted to each grade.

9. The competition shall be conducted under the rules of Basketball Victoria with amended timing regulations as approved from time to time by BV or their appointed sub-committee. In order to determine the ranking of teams, three points shall be awarded for a win, one point for a loss, 2 points for a draw and nil points for a walkover. 20 penalty score points shall be awarded for a walkover. If at the end of a season teams are equal on points then the ranking shall be determined by the ration of points for to those points scored against for all games played during thre season. If teams are still equal after this calculation then the relative results against the equal teams shall be calculated. If teams are still equal after this calculation then the relative results against the next highest team shall be used until a division is determined.

10. If an ineligible player takes part in a game then all points for those matches in which the ineligible player participated shall be forfeit.

11. Team clothing must be uniform and designed in accordance with the rules of FIBA. Only the following numbers are permitted to be used. 4 to 15 inclusive, 20 to 25, 30 to 35, 40to 45, 50 to 55. A player may not take the court if wearing an incorrect top. A player may be permitted to take the court if wearing different colour shorts, but the penalty shall be two points awarded to the opposing team for each player for not wearing uniform shorts.

12. Players wearing long finger nails as determined by the referees may be refused permission to take the court. It is permissible for players to tape finger nails for protection and safety purposes and consequently shall be permitted to play.

13. Teams are expected to compete in the spirit of fair play and good sportsmanship. Teams allowing members to play over aggressively, even though rough play may not have been at the level for a reportable offence, may be given a warning to comply with the spirit of the competition. A failure to respond to the warning may mean the future entry to the competition will be rejected.

14. Any player, official, or spectator reported for an offence under the rules of Basketball Victoria shall be required to appear before a BV regional tribunal at a time and place designated by the Tribunal Chairperson. Any penalty imposed by the Tribunal shall be binding on the Melbourne Basketball Association.

Variation to Playing Rules for Mixed Competitions

1. Mixed Competitions are arranged to cater for recreation groups who wish to compete allowing both male and female players to be registered in the same teams. Because the emphasis is on "recreation", variations to the official playing rules are imposed and are designed to encourage opportunities for all players to contribute to the games' outcome.

2. Any number of players may register for a team, but no more that three male players are permitted on the court at the same time. There is no restriction on the number of female players permitted on the court at the same time.

3. Male players are not permitted in the keyway (offensive or defensive ends of the court) at any time. The penalty for this violation will be loss of possession (offensive end) or, one free throw and possession to the opponent (defensive end). All Jump balls shall be taken at the centre circle.

4. Scoring: When one player has scored 10 points in a half, then that player may not score another field goal until another player on the same team has scored ten points. A player is permitted to score on free throws after scoring ten points in a half. When two players on the same team has scored 10 points then neither player may score more than 15 points, in that half, until another player on the same team has scored 10 points. Any of the players may then score up to 20 points, but once this has happened, they shall be restricted from scoring another field goal until a fourth player on the same team has scored 10 points. An inadvertent score by a player who has exceeded the limit will be treated as a normal violation and the score will not count, provided the error is discovered before the next play phase, otherwise the score shall count. If a player has scored 8 or 9 points and makes a successful attempt to score, then the score shall count even though it may take him / her over the limit.

5. Personal fouls: Players may commit a maximum of five fouls during the game before being disqualified from the game. If all females are fouled out leaving only male players eligible to continue, then the maximum number of male players ( 3) permitted on the court at the same time remains. The game shall continue with three players, or less, until only one player remains at which time the team with only one player shall forfeit the match. The scores at that time shall stand unless the team that forfeits the match happens to be ahead, in these circumstances the other team shall record a win with a score of 2-0.

6. Team Uniforms: Team clothing must be uniform and designed according to the official rules of Basketball Australia. Playing numbers shall be 4-15 inclusive or 20-25, 30-35, 40-45, 50-55. No player is permitted to take the court with incorrect uniform top, however players may be excused from having uniform shorts, although a penalty of two points for each incorrect uniform shall be awarded to the opposing team prior to the start of the match. New teams involved in grading games, or replacing teams during the season, shall have a short period of exemption ( 2 weeks) from these uniform rules.